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Tayyar.org: Events minute by minute August 12, 2006

(foto: Libanonski branitelj - vojnik Hezbollaha)

09:54 Hezbollah destroys 2 tanks trying to advance towards Saf al-Hawa area

09:51 Israeli northern command chief: ground operations could last for weeks and extend beyond Litani

09:40 Israeli airplanes circle repeatedly over western Beqaa

09:28 Fierce Israeli shelling on towns surrounding Nabatiyeh

09:26 Hezbollah announces it has destroyed Israeli Merkava tank and bulldozer advancing towards Bayt Yahoun

09:25 Israeli air strikes on Zahrani bridge completely sever road towards Saida/Sour and Saida/Nabatiyeh

09:18 Israeli air strikes on Ansar and western Zotor

09:08 Israeli spokesperson: Israeli ground operation wide in scope, with no limited time frame

09:02 Hezbollah says it attacked Israeli force that advanced towards al-Ghandouriyeh near Sour (Tyre), resulting in several killed and wounded among Israeli troops

09:00 Start of second month of war on Lebanon

08:45 Fierce Israeli artillery shelling on Tibneen

08:51 Fierce Israeli air strikes on Harees, Koneen and Baraasheet; several homes destroyed

08:48 Fierce Israeli artillery shelling on Froun, Sreefa, al-Ghandouriyeh and Qalawiyeh

08:47 Israeli attempt to advance towards al-Ghandouriyeh and Bayt Yahoun; Hezbollah says it destroyed Israeli tank and bulldozer

08:42 Hezbollah launches 20 rockets on area of Galilee

08:30 Four people killed in Israeli air strike on al-Kharayeb

07:40 Israeli army announces it will expand offensive on Lebanon in direction of Litani River

07:10 Renewed Israeli shelling on Southern Suburb of Beirut

03:00 UN Security Council, comprising 15 member states, votes unanimously on resolution to stop war in Lebanon; new resolution given number 1701

02:31 Death toll of Israeli air strike on Marjeyoun convoy rises to 7 people

02:20 Kofi Annan hopes to reach agreement on resolution for permanent ceasefire, leading to permanent peaceful solution in Middle East

02:10 AP: Israeli army continues incursion into Lebanon until replaced by Lebanese army

02:08 UN Security Council begins session to discuss French-US resolution for ceasefire between Lebanon and Israel

02:05 Israeli air strike on Friday night/Saturday on al-Masnaa border crossing; rocket falls near Lebanese customs building

02:03 US Department of State official says countries expected to join in international forces to be deployed in southern Lebanon to meet today in UN; official added that US and France raised possibility of France leading international force, but no international decision on matter yet

01:40 Israeli attacks convoy of people fleeing southern Lebanon, kills 7

01:31 al-Jazeera correspondent: 7 Israeli air strikes on al-Khiam in southern Lebanon

01:15 Former Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Theodore McCarrick demands end to war, denouncing war that “killed more children than soldiers”; McCarrick, who has been in Beirut since Wednesday, spoke to CNN saying “please stop the war, bring peace”

01:10 Lebanese government source to AFP: Lebanese government to meet today to discuss French-US resolution

01:05 Olmert supports UN resolution but offense to continue

00:52 Death toll of Israeli air strike on evacuee convoy out of Marjeyoun rises to 6 people, and among wounded, 5 are joint security force soldiers, including 3 officers, with minor injuries

00:50 Lebanese government announces approval of draft French-US resolution on Lebanon

00:25 AP: Olmert informs US of his approval of resolution for ceasefire in Lebanon


Palestinian Filmmakers, Artists and Cultural Workers Call for a Cultural Boycott of Israel

August 4, 2006

Dear Filmmakers & Artists,

During the past few weeks we have borne witness to the escalation of Israeli
aggression into open war on both Palestine and Lebanon.

With Israel’s invasion of Gaza on June 27th, 2006, ministries and educational institutions have been destroyed, as has the plant that supplies nearly 50 percent of Gaza's electricity. Bridges, roads, dozens of homes, and hundreds of dunams of agricultural land have also been destroyed. Sixty-four elected Palestinian legislators, cabinet ministers and officials have been detained without charge.

On July 12th, Israel brought its campaign of collective punishment and military violence to Lebanon, with "Operation Just Reward". A complete assault, via land, sea, and air, of the Lebanese population and infrastructure has led to total destruction. In just 3 weeks, almost 1 million Lebanese civilians have been displaced and the death toll has reached 900 Lebanese and 160 Palestinians, with a UN count saying one-third of the dead are children.

Additionally, in violation of international law, Israel continues to occupy Gaza, the West Bank (including East Jerusalem), and Syria’s Golan Heights. In violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, Israel continues to hold 9,600 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails and detention centers without due process, among them 130 Palestinian women and 388 children, many of them taken from their homes in the middle of the night.

We, the undersigned Palestinian filmmakers and artists, appeal to all artists and filmmakers of good conscience around the world to cancel all exhibitions and other cultural events that are scheduled to occur in Israel, to mobilize immediately and not allow the continuation of the Israeli offensive to breed complacency. Like the boycott of South African art institutions during apartheid, cultural workers must speak out against the current Israeli war crimes and atrocities.

We call upon the International community to join us in the boycott of Israeli film festivals, Israeli public venues, and Israeli institutions supported by the government, and to end all cooperation with these cultural and artistic institutions that to date have refused to take a stand against the Occupation, the root cause for this colonial conflict.

We call upon you to take a stand in order to appeal to the Israeli people to give up their silence, to abandon their apathy, and to face up to their responsibility in the destruction and killing their elected government is wreaking. To the Lebanese and Palestinians terrorized by this Army's planes, bombs and missiles, this silence, apathy and lack of action from Israelis, are regarded as complicit in the ongoing war crimes, as for those Israeli artists, academics and intellectuals who continue to serve in the Israeli army they are directly implicated in these crimes.

We call upon you to give way to action that would replace words spoken too often and forgotten too quickly. We call upon you to make your voices heard in calling for an end to this bloodshed and an end to this oppression that has lasted too long.

To endorse or answer this call for a cultural boycott of Israel please send an email with your name, position and country to



Tayyar.org: Events minute by minute August 10, 2006

09:53 Israeli air strike on Riyaq results in 12 injured

09:35 Fierce battles on Dibeen hills

09:13 Israeli air strike on Riyaq in Beqaa

09:08 al-Jazeera correspondent says fierce clashes in Marjeyoun

09:05 Hezbollah announces destruction of 7 Israeli tanks in al-Khiam valley, crew between killed or injured

08:39 Israeli air strike on motorcycle in Sour (Tyre); driver killed

08:35 Israeli air strikes on Zahrani bridge

08:15 Reuters: Israeli forces control Marjeyoun, Burj al-Mouluk and al-Qalaya; Israeli troops moving on foot around Marjeyoun

07:39 Israeli air strikes on Zibqeen, Toura and Janata in district of Sour (Tyre)

07:36 Four Israeli air strikes on northern Baalbek

07:34 Twelve Israeli air strikes this morning on Deir Antar; one home destroyed

07:32 Israeli official: Olmert stops military operations for 2 days

07:18 Israeli airplanes circle repeatedly over Baalbek

06:58 Hezbollah confirms its fighters blocking Israeli attempt to advance towards Marjeyoun

05:55 Newspaper: Israel stops expanded attack on Lebanon in order to negotiate

02:25 Washington calls on Israel to control itself in new attack

02:15 Washington rejects escalation of war, disagreement continues over Lebanese resolution

02:05 Heavy movement among Israeli forces in southern Lebanon after decision to expand war

01:40 Reuters: witnesses say Israeli forces advanced 10 km into southern Lebanon early Thursday morning, the farthest it has advanced in past 4 weeks of battles; witnesses add that Israeli forces, backed by heavy artillery fire, are on outskirts of Dibeen

01:13 Hezbollah denies Israeli claim that 40 of its fighters killed, describing claim as psychological warfare

00:35 Israeli television: Iranians among Hezbollah dead

00:15 Israel admits 15 of its soldiers killed by Hezbollah fire


The Ceasefire Campaign

Dear friends,
We haven't been in touch very often since our work around Iraq. But with civilians in Israel and Lebanon dying daily, we're at another critical global moment.
Regional and global leaders continue to fail to come up with a workable plan to stop the violence in the Middle East. Our friends at the Ceasefire Campaign are urging people around the world to pressure the Security Council to come up with a real plan to get an immediate ceasefire and international peacekeepers. This is a sensible call that would curb the bloodshed while laying the groundwork for a more enduring peace.
The Ceasefire Campaign is looking for 1 million co-sponsors to deliver their petition to the Security Council this week. Can you join them? Sign here:
–Eli Pariser
P.S. Here's a message from the Ceasefire Campaign with some more detail:
Dear friends,
For more than three weeks now we've watched the bloodshed in the Middle East with horror. All the while, global and regional leaders have stood by and failed to take the necessary action to stop the violence. Finally, this weekend, the US and France reached agreement on a plan. But this compromise plan fails to call for a full ceasefire and is so weak that the violence has not—and will not—stop.
This is unacceptable. Hundreds of innocent civilians have already been killed, thousands have been wounded, and almost a million people have been made homeless.
The UN Security Council will be meeting early this week to try to resolve the crisis. They need to know that the world is watching them, and that anything less than an immediate ceasefire is not good enough. Click here to sign this petition demanding that the members of the UN Security Council take immediate action to end this bloodshed.
Please sign the petition today, and then spread the word by forwarding this email on to all your friends and family. Our goal is to deliver a petition to the Security Council with 1 million signatures this week, and to publicize the petition in major newspapers in the capitals of the US, UK, France and other Security Council members.
Thanks so much for your help,
Ricken Patel
P.S. Groups and leaders from across the world and from diverse perspectives agree that an urgent ceasefire is an important part of resolving this crisis. Most countries of the world, from Lebanon to Tanzania to India, have called for a ceasefire, and have been joined by major international NGOs such as Oxfam and Amnesty International. Christian leaders such as Pope Benedict XVI, and the World Council of Churches have also called for a ceasefire. Arab and Muslim organizations such as the Organization of the Islamic Conference have also been joined by Israeli and Jewish groups such as Meretz Israel, Degel HaTorah, and Brit Tzedek v'Shalom in calling for a ceasefire.


Tayyar.org: Events minute by minute August 9, 2006

(photo: The caricature is courtesy of Omaya Joha via Al-Jazeera, COLD DESERT BLOG)

10:08 Israeli air strike on outskirts of Maydoun and Birket Jabbour

10:06 Israeli artillery shelling on Jal al-Shomar, al-Wardiyeh, al-Mahmoudiyeh and Litani River

09:54 Hezbollah claims 10 Israeli soldiers wounded in foiled attempt to advance towards al-Qantara

09:48 Two Israeli Merkava tanks destroyed in Burj al-Mulouk – Tal al-Nahhas

08:10 Israeli troop air drop at dawn on residential district near al-Kharayeb; troops storm house and question 70 year old resident

07:56 Hezbollah destroys Merkava tank attempting to advance on al-Qantara

06:40 Israeli air strike on Aboudiyeh bridge in northern Lebanon that connects country to Syria

03:02 Israeli air strike on outskirts of Baalbek

02:50 Hezbollah fires 350 rockets on 36 Israeli military targets

02:30 Israeli airplanes circle repeatedly over southern Lebanon

02:20 French ambassador to UN Jean-Marc de la Sabliere says French-US resolution to be amended

02:01 Two Israeli air strikes on outskirts of Markaba power station in western Beqaa

01:50 Two Palestinians killed and 8 injured, including 5 children in Israeli shelling of Ain Helweh refugee camp

01:30 Israeli shelling targets home of Fatah official in Lebanon, casualties reported

01:22 Israeli shelling of entrance of Ain Helweh refugee camp targets northern part of camp

01:20 Amr Moussa: we will discuss peace process with Kofi Annan and UN Security Council

00:50 Amr Moussa: Israel’s representative unconvinced and speaks as if there was no Lebanese bloodshed

00:35 Israeli warships shell entrance of Ain Helweh refugee camp in Saida (Sidon)

00:05 Haaretz: 150 rockets fall on Israel today



Ukoliko želite donirati 2 KM za pomoć građanima Libanona molimo vas da nazovete 094 290 008.


Tayyar.org: Events minute by minute August 8, 2006

09:55 Hezbollah announces it has destroyed Israeli Merkava tank near al-Freiz Hill near Ainata; crew injured

09:39 Israeli radio: clashes continue in Bint Jbeil and Naqoura

09:24 Rocket lands near UNDOF post in Golan Heights

09:21 Warning sirens in Kiryat Shmona and Galilee

09:20 Israeli air strikes on Mabarat al-Imam Ali in Ma’aroub; citizens buried under rubble

08:48 Israeli army: 1 soldier killed and 5 wounded in Hezbollah attack on Israeli foot patrol in Dibil

08:40 Israeli army: fierce battles in Dibil and Aitaroun; Israeli soldiers wounded

01:50 France tries to take into consideration Lebanese conditions; asks UN Security Council to postpone vote on resolution concerning Lebanon

01:30 Israeli air strikes on suburbs of Sour (Tyre); airplanes circle repeatedly and at low altitude over city

01:00 Israeli airplanes circle at medium altitude over Zahrani

00:55 Death toll from two collapsed buildings in al-Shiyah rises to 20 people

00:30 One Israeli soldier killed and 8 wounded in clashes in southern Lebanon

00:15 Haaretz: Hezbollah agrees to deployment of Lebanese army in southern Lebanon


ELECTRONIC LEBANON: Israeli Intellectuals Love the War

(photo: no 'intellectuals' here - Israeli left wing activists attend an anti-war demonstration in the center of Tel Aviv )

All generalizations are wrong, except this one: Israeli liberal intellectuals are against war. They have always been against it, and they even suffered greatly for their critical views, as they stress proudly. They were against the previous war, they will be against the next war, they are against all wars. There is just one minor exception, though: the present war, every present war, which they always support. Because the present war - well, that's something totally different from all those other wars! How can you even compare?! The present war is always inevitable, and necessary, and just, and worthy of support.


Nazi Olmert to Europe: Stop 'preaching'

Ehud Olmert, the Israeli prime minister, has told European leaders to stop preaching to him about civilian war casualties in an interview published in a German newspaper.

The article in Welt am Sonntag came as two civilians were killed in Lebanon when an Israeli aircraft struck a van travelling just ahead of a United Nations humanitarian convoy on Sunday.

When asked about criticism from European capitals of Israeli military operations that have led to a heavy civilian toll, Olmert said: "Where do they get the right to preach to Israel?

"European countries attacked Kosovo and killed 10,000 civilians. 10,000! And none of these countries had to suffer before that from a single rocket.

"I'm not saying it was wrong to intervene in Kosovo. But please, don't preach to us about the treatment of civilians."

The Israeli prime minister said it would not be possible to completely destroy Hezbollah, and insisted he did not underestimate them, saying they had fired just 3,000 of their arsenal of 15,000 rockets so far.

"The question is more: If Hezbollah knew what the consequences of their attack would be, would they nevertheless have done it? I don't think so."

"They are beaten but it is not possible to completely destroy them. Israel has nevertheless been more successful than any other country in the battle against a guerrilla organisation."



Tayyar.org: Events minute by minute August 7, 2006

(foto: Israel way - media freedom)

13:59 Hezbollah targets Israeli Army Northern Command headquarters in Safad and Ilbon base
13:57 Reports of tens of civilians killed in Israeli air strikes on Houla

13:30 Israeli air strikes on house near Government Serail in Nabatiyeh

13:20 Arab foreign ministers arrive in Grand Serail in Beirut

13:10 Renewed Israeli shelling of Houla

13:00 New round of Hezbollah rockets land in Nahariya

12:55 International Red Cross ship carrying food and medical aid arrives in Saida (Sidon) Port

12:52 Repeated Israeli air strikes on coastal areas in Sour (Tyre)

12:35 Yedoith Ahronot: Hezbollah shelling on Kiryat Shmona results in 1 injury

12:30 Israeli air strike on house in Houla with 15 people inside, including 9 children

12:25 Warning sirens in northern Israel

12:20 Two airplanes carrying number of Arab foreign ministers arrives in Beirut Airport

12:17 Israeli shelling on fields of Hanawiyeh

12:15 Israeli air strike on al-Housh near Sour (Tyre)

12:05 al-Jazeera correspondent: fierce battles in western and eastern districts of southern Lebanon

11:50 Concentrated Israeli air strikes on outskirts of Maifadoun and Shokeen

11:45 Three settlers injured in west Galilee as result of Hezbollah Katyousha rockets

11:42 Lebanese official statistics confirm over 1,000 Lebanese killed since start of Israeli aggression on Lebanon

11:41 Israeli air strikes on east and west Zotor and Maifadoun

11:40 Reuters: Hezbollah rockets today result in injuring at least 1 Israeli

11:34 Arab League secretary general Amr Moussa: Arab foreign ministers will discuss possibility of convening extra-ordinary Arab League summit

11:27 Concentrated Israeli shelling on al-Bayada – Ras al-Ain coast near Sour (Tyre)

11:25 Three Israeli air strikes on eastern hills of Baalbek

11:20 Warning sirens in northern Israel

11:16 Concentrated Israeli artillery shelling targets al-Taher and al-Dabsheh in Nabatiyeh

11:13 Hezbollah rockets land on Nahariya and Shlomi

11:07 Israeli army announces 3 Israeli soldiers and 4 Hezbollah fighters killed

11:00 Israeli air strikes at dawn on antenna on Mount Barouk

10:53 Israeli air strikes on al-Dabsheh hill overlooking Nabatiyeh

10:52 Israeli air strikes on al-Mahmoudiyeh, Dibeen, Harouf and al-Qulaiyaa

10:50 Israeli air strikes on al-Dalafa and on al-Sultaniyeh – Qalya main road

10:45 Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert meets with Israeli officials to discuss expanding attacks on Lebanon

10:39 Israeli air strikes on outskirts of al-Habariyeh

10:32 Three Israeli air strikes on Litani River

10:29 Three Israeli soldiers killed in Bint Jbeil

10:27 Fierce Israeli shelling on Ras al-Ain beach

10:22 al-Jazeera correspondent: renewed Israeli air strikes and shelling on Sour (Tyre)

10:21 Israeli air strikes on Kafra targets houses and cellular base stations

10:19 Israeli air strikes on outskirts of Kfar Hamam and Halta near Shebaa Farms

10:09 Hezbollah states it has stopped Israeli troop advance towards al-Bayada

09:51 Israeli artillery shelling on Jabsheet destroys 4 buildings

09:28 Series of Israeli air strikes on Harouf triangle and inside town; casualties reported

09:18 Israeli air strike on Litani river near Dibeen

09:11 One person killed and 10 injured in Israeli shelling of al-Ghaziyeh

08:52 Israeli air strikes on residential buildings in Kfar Ruman

08:25 Israeli air strike on al-Ghaziyeh; casualties reported

06:10 Seventh Israeli air strike on Southern Suburb of Beirut

05:55 Eight family members killed in Israeli air strike on al-Ghassaniyeh in Saida (Sidon)

05:40 Hezbollah statement: 4 Israeli soldiers killed, including officer, in clashes on outskirts of Houla

05:24 Renewed Israeli shelling on Southern Suburb of Beirut

05:17 Israeli air strike on Southern Suburb of Beirut

03:36 Haaretz: Israeli army planning for strike against strategic infrastructure and Lebanese government symbols

03:32 Israeli air strike targets Moussaoui Establishment on Baalbek-Riyaq road

02:55 UN Security Council meeting: China and Russia want to include amendments to resolution to conciliate Lebanese position

02:30 Two Israeli air strikes on Hay al-Aasireh and 3 Israeli air strikes on Baalbek fields

02:25 Hezbollah in fierce battles for past half hour with Israeli forces that tried to advance towards Houla

02:15 Three Israeli air strikes on outskirts of Baalbek

01:47 Israeli helicopters circle repeatedly over al-Mahmoudiyeh

01:10 Israeli reserve troops announce 6 Hezbollah fighters killed

00:24 Syrian president Bashar al-Assad: UN resolution not stabilizing factor


The Lebanese blogger: Our Arabness Is Not Conditional

Our Arabness Is Not Conditional

I couldn't help myself but cry with my Prime Minister Seniora, as he cried too.

As he addressed the emergency Arab Foreign Ministers meeting in Beirut, he choked on the words: "Our Arabness is not conditional. It is not by force, but a choice." (Ouroubatouna laysat mashroota. Innaha laysat bil irgham, la bal bil ikhtiyar)

Very powerful words and very true. How much did my country pay the price for standing by its Arab identity? I believe more than any other Arab country.

To be Arab, we housed the Palestinian Liberation Organization, when other Arab countries expelled them. To be Arab, we got invaded by Israel time and time again and our lands occupied by them for 22 years. To be Arab, we fought each other for 20 years in a bloody civil war. To be Arab, we lived years through Syrian intelligence domination. To be Arab, we housed the last bastion of resistance, Hizbullah, when Jordan, Egypt and Syria, bordering Israel, have never had a shot fired across their borders since 1974. To be Arab, we had to live through years after the Israeli withdrawal from the south not knowing whether the Shebaa Farms are Lebanese or Syrian. To be Arab, we were not given Arab support to send the Lebanese Army to the south. To be Arab, so many more issues were taboo to discuss and resolve.

For the first time, live before the whole world, PM Seniora said these words to the Arab Ministers. He choked, cried, wiped his tears and continued on. Some of the attendants looked embarassed and moved.

It's a choice, a choice we have made to stand by our Arab identity. And it's also a choice we've made to be pluralistic and democratic, a choice to be open and modern, a choice to be a message of coexistence for the whole world.

Israel is a democratic state, but not pluralistic; it's a state for the Jews. And Syria, our other neighbor, is an authoritarian state that subscribes to one creed, Assadist Baathism.

It is a difficult choice we the Lebanese have made: we want to be different; part of the Arab world, yet different, democratic, yet pluralistic. Lebanon: the house of many mansions, and the death toll rises....


Breaking news: BBC - breaking news

Israeli strike 'kills 40 people'
BBC breaking news
An Israeli air strike has killed more than 40 people in the southern Lebanese border village of Houla, Lebanon's prime minister has said.

Fouad Siniora told an Arab foreign ministers meeting in Beirut that there had been "a horrific massacre".

His statement came after a morning of fresh Israeli strikes across Lebanon as troops fought Hezbollah in the south.

The action comes a day after at least 15 people were killed in Israel in its deadliest day so far of the conflict.



Angryarab blog wrote:

Trends in Arab Public Opinion: In search of "nervous Sunnis."

As you know Neil MacFarquhar of the New York Times has been looking for "nervous Sunnis" in the Arab world. He was so desperate to find "nervous Sunnis" that he had to rely on Walid Jumblat (who brags that he reads the New York Review of Books and finds "documents on the internet"). Similarly, LBC-TV has been very frustrated during this crisis--they also can't find nervous Sunnis. Even Hariri Sunnis are now "saluting the resistance." So in order to have people to represent the Sunni anti-Hizbullah viewpoints (and LBC-TV is a master of sectarian agitation and provocations), LBC-TV has been inviting Saudi academics on a daily basis. But to the consternation of LBC-TV, those Saudi academics uniformly castigate the US and Israel, and express support and solidarity with Hizbullah. Today, Al-Hadath program invited among others the fanatic Zionist, Kenneth Katzman, from the Congressional Research Service. (And Katzman has the charisma of Nasir Al-As`ad and the knowledge of Dan Qayle, and the humor of Larry King). And to represent the House of Saud, they invited a Saudi academic, Fawziyyah Abu Khalid, who kept disappointing the right-wingers of LBC-TV. Katzman almost had a heart attack on the air. He yelled at Abu Khalid: "You are not representing the Saudi government," as if academics are obligated to represent their governments. But you know how protective Zionists are these days of House of Saud's interests. And what really really pissed of Katzman was Abu Khalid's reference to Hizbullah as "resistance." He kept urging her to stop referring to Hizbullah as "resistance," and she kept referring to Hizbullah as "resistance." And the right-wing (but very able) host, Shada `Amr, asked Abu Khalid whether the war in Lebanon is an Iranian-Israeli conflict. "No," said Abu Khalid. "I see it as an American-Israeli war on Lebanon," she said. At that point, Katzman kept saying in English: "hello!, hello! hello!" He did not know that the usage of hello here did not translate as he intended it--to express his dismay and surprise to what is being said. So Arab viewers just thought that the Zionist guest was saluting the Arab viewers, repeatedly. By the way, Hello!


Tayyar.org: Events minute by minute August 6, 2006

* 12:15 Jordan prepares to supply Lebanon with 10,000 tons of fuel
* 12:10 Israeli warships target outskirts of Sour (Tyre); Hezbollah fires new round of rockets into northern Israel, reporting two failed attempts by Israeli army to advance towards al-Bayada

* 12:07 Israeli air strike on Siddiqeen and Qana; artillery shelling on al-Bayada, Froun and al-Ghandouriyeh

* 12:05 Syrian foreign minister Walid Mouallem arrives at 1 pm at al-Arida, Minister Saloukh to meet him at Jbeil Serail

* 12:00 Israeli air strike on al-Aaishiyeh heights

* 11:55 Israeli air strike targets Lebanese army truck in Ansar in southern Lebanon

* 11:50 Israeli air strikes on Jibsheet, Shokein, Tul, Arnoun and Yohmor

* 11:40 Israeli radio: three Israeli soldiers wounded in clashes near Ras al-Bayada area

* 11:20 Israeli airplanes circle at low altitude over Beirut

* 11:07 Israeli air strikes on Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine – General Command posts in Beqaa

* 10:55 Israeli air strikes on al-Jarmaq, al-Mahmoudiyeh, and shelling on Litani river and outskirts of Yohmor, Kfar Kila, al-Taybeh and al-Khiam valley

* 10:30 Hezbollah attacks Israeli troop gathering in Ouadi Honin, destroying number of tanks and causing casualties

* 10:25 Hezbollah rockets land on Safad and Golan Heights

* 10:19 Maariv: fierce clashes in al-Bayada between Israeli army and Hezbollah

* 10:17 Israeli radio: rockets land on Ma’a lot

* 10:15 Israeli army announces destruction of three Hezbollah rocket launch pads near Sour (Tyre)

* 10:05 Eyewitnesses: Israeli army retracts 10 tanks and 2 bulldozers from al-Taybeh Project, while 3 destroyed tanks remain

* 09:40 Israeli air strikes on al-Qlayleh, al-Bayada, al-Mansouri, al-Malikiyeh, al-Sha’atiyeh and al-Housh

* 09:30 Fierce Israeli shelling on Houla; probability of civilians under rubble

* 06:10 Israeli air strike on Qousaya heights results in deaths among Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine – General Command forces

* 06:05 Israeli air strikes on Taraya – Afqa - Aayoun al-Siman road in Mount Lebanon western range

* 05:58 Israeli air strikes on all Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine – General Command positions in central and western Beqaa

* 05:49 Israeli air strike on Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine – General Command positions on Deir Zanoun road in central Beqaa

* 05:45 Israeli air strike on Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine – General Command positions in al-Naimeh heights south of Beirut

* 02:49 10 killed and 37 wounded in 25th day of Israeli war on Lebanon

* 00:56 Israeli air strike on main square in Ansar; medic injured

* 00:50 UN Security Council resumes discussions on Lebanon today

* 00:48 Israeli air strike on Zighreen – Marjaheen in Hermel

* 00:42 Lebanese government source to AFP states Lebanese government opposed on Saturday night French-US plan and sent Lebanese ambassador to UN, acting foreign minister Tareq Mitri revised draft that includes Lebanese demands

* 00:34 France expresses satisfaction with initial response to French-US plan

* 00:26 UN Security Council concludes discussions on French-US plan

* 00:25 Consecutive Israeli air strikes on al-Housh and Burj al-Shemali east of Sour (Tyre)

* 00:22 AFP: Lebanon rejects French-US plan in current format

* 00:21 Israeli airplanes circle repeatedly over Sour (Tyre)

* 00:17 Israeli air strike on Nahr al-Bared dam

* 00:15 Three Israeli air strikes on Dhour Shoueir – Tarshish road

* 00:09 Israel admits failure of landing operation in Sour (Tyre) and wounding of 8 soldiers, having earlier announced success of operation while Lebanese army announced since dawn that operation failed

* 00:03 Israeli government expresses reservations about French-US plan according to media sources


Tayyar.org: Events minute by minute August 5, 2006

# 20:07 Israeli air strike on al-Hajeh in Zahrani injures 5 people
# 19:20 Hezbollah says it will implement ceasefire when Israeli aggression ends and on condition that no Israeli soldiers remain in Lebanon

# 18:50 Vladimir Putin and Kofi Annan stress necessity to adopt Security Council resolution that calls for immediate ceasefire in Lebanon

# 18:40 Hezbollah: 6 Israeli soldiers injured in Aita al-Shaab

# 18:30 Haaretz: one Israeli soldier injured on border with Lebanon

# 18:28 John Bolton: French – US agreement does not mean immediate ceasefire in Lebanon

# 18:27 Arab and Israeli peace activists participate in demonstrations in Tel Aviv

# 18:25 Hezbollah announced shelling of northern settlements, including Galilee military command

# 18:20 Blair: Security Council agreement concerning Lebanon is vital first step to end tragic crisis in Lebanon

# 17:47 Jerusalem Post: fierce confrontations between Israeli army and Hezbollah in Aita al-Shaab

# 17:45 Security Council session today to ratify agreement on Lebanon reached between France and US in London

# 17:40 Heavy shelling from sea on towns of Batouliyeh, Ras al-Ain, and Deir Qanoon in area around Sour (Tyre)

# 17:32 Haaretz: 60 Katyousha rockets hit Israel in one hour

# 17:30 French presidency announces reaching agreement between Washington and Paris concerning resolution of conflict in Lebanon

# 17:20 Associated Press: French-American agreement on international resolution concerning Lebanon

# 17:15 Israeli television: 3 Israelis killed in Hezbollah shelling of northern areas

# 16:55 Five Israelis injured by Hezbollah rockets launched on Hiafa

# 16:40 NBN transmitting station in Toumat Neha targeted and destroyed; fuel tanks on site catch fire

# 16:25 Six rockets launched by Hezbollah fall on northern Israel; fires break out

# 16:17 Hezbollah shelling on Shlomi causes fires; no injuries reported

# 16:16 Two Israeli air strikes on al-Manar antenna in Toumat Neha

# 16:15 Hezbollah shells Safad, Nahariya, and Kiryat Shmona again

# 16:00 Yedioth Ahronot: rockets fall on Safad

# 15:50 Lebanese security forces deny leaflets were thrown over Saida (Sidon), and announce arresting those who spread rumor

# 15:15 Israeli Army says it intends to target Hezbollah rocket launchers in Saida (Sidon)

# 14:55 Meeting ends between Siniora and David Walsh

# 14:50 Reuters: Israeli army warns inhabitants of Saida (Sidon) to evacuate

# 14:38 Hezbollah launches rockets on Ma’alot

# 14:30 5 injured in Israeli shelling on Rub Thalatheen, and two air strikes on Dibeen

# 14:05 Israeli air strike on al-Mahmoudiyeh

# 14:00 Peretz: Israeli army will expand its operations against Hezbollah

# 13:20 Hezbollah announces shelling of Akka (Acre) with tens of rockets in retaliation for Israeli massacres yesterday

* 13:20 Hezbollah announces shelling of Akka (Acre) with tens of rockets in retaliation for Israeli massacres yesterday
* 13:00 Hezbollah announces shelling of Haifa with tens of rockets

* 12:52 David Walsh meets with Fouad Siniora in Government Serail, entering building through back door

* 12:50 15 wounded in Israeli air strike on inhabited home in Kfar Kila

* 12:35 David Walsh meeting with Nabih Berri concludes; Walsh does not make any statements

* 12:20 Demonstrations in front of Government Serail in Beirut to protest David Walsh’s visit

* 12:15 Yedioth Ahronot: warning sirens in west Haifa

* 11:45 David Walsh in meeting with Nabih Berri

* 11:20 Seven Israeli air strikes on Zibqeen in southern Lebanon

* 10:50 Israeli air strikes on Southern Suburb of Beirut result in 4 killed and 9 wounded

* 10:31 Israeli air strike targets inhabited home in Aitit

* 10:28 Israeli artillery shelling on residential areas in Kafra

* 10:21 Israeli air strike on truck in al-Helaniyeh in Beqaa

* 10:19 Israel admits one soldier killed and another wounded in al-Taybeh last night

* 09:48 Lebanese police: one Lebanese soldier killed in Israeli sea landing operation on Sour (Tyre)

* 09:46 Haaretz: one Israeli soldier killed in sea landing operation on Sour (Tyre)

* 09:45 Haaretz: one Israeli officer and 7 soldiers wounded in sea landing operation in Sour (Tyre)

* 09:13 Rice: resolution for ceasefire could be agreed in few days

* 09:10 Reuters: five Lebanese killed, including Lebanese army officer, in Sour (Tyre)

* 09:05 Israeli army admits number of its soldiers injured in sea landing operation in Sour (Tyre) at dawn

* 08:56 Five Israelis wounded in Hezbollah shelling on Haifa

* 08:53 Two killed in Sour (Tyre) when their motorcycle is targeted

* 08:46 Israeli air strikes on western Zoter near Nabatiyeh, 3 wounded

* 08:25 Hezbollah fires round of Raad II rockets on Haifa

* 05:10 al-Jazeera correspondent: Israeli air strikes on Sour (Tyre)

* 04:40 Strong explosions heard in Beirut, thought to have targeted Southern Suburb

* 04:15 Israel announces destruction of rocket-launcher used to shell al-Khdeira

* 03:06 Tens of Israeli air strikes on Southern Suburb of Beirut and al-Ouzai; Friday’s toll 134 killed or wounded

* 03:05 Israeli police: for first time, Hezbollah rockets reach city of al-Khdeira 75 km into Israel; no casualties reported

* 03:00 $6.6 million raised by Jewish Americans as aid for northern Israel

* 02:49 Israeli shelling of al-Rashidiyeh Palestinian refugee camp near Sour (Tyre) in southern Lebanon

* 02:14 US and France closer to agreement on UN draft resolution for ceasefire as first step to political resolution of Israeli-Lebanese conflict

* 01:30 Israeli radio: warning sirens in some settlements in northern Israel

* 01:00 191 rockets fired into northern Israel on Friday

* 00:50 Jewish-Americans meet Kofi Annan and express their disappointment with way UN is dealing with crisis

* 04:45 Bush calls Kofi Annan for 15 minutes

* 00:40 Pentagon spokesperson says US will give Lebanese army spare parts worth $10 million when it extends control to all Lebanese areas

* 00:13 Saudi Arabia says unlikely to use oil as weapon in Lebanese war

* 00:10 Amnesty International criticized Israeli investigation on Qana massacre, which resulted in tens of dead and wounded, describing it as “whitewash”. Amnesty International executive deputy secretary general Kate Gilmore said: We cannot allow any investigation into events in Qana to be whitewash; what is needed here is independent investigation


Tayyar.org: Events minute by minute August 4, 2006

# 23:53 Lebanese internal security forces state that at least 4 civilians are buried under rubble of their home, destroyed in Israeli air strike on Friday on Aita al-Shaab in southern Lebanon
# 23:42 Italian prime minister Romano Prodi discusses ceasefire with British prime minister Tony Blair by phone, offers Italian mediation

# 23:38 Executive director of World Food Program James Morris: Program aims at providing food aid to 310,000 Lebanese refugees in area, whose number might increase in coming months

# 23:32 al-Jazeera reports French-British coordination for ceasefire within 24 hours

# 23:26 In statement from Elysee palace, French president Jacques Chirac confirms in phone call with UN secretary general Kofi Annan that France seeks “acceptable format for all” in proposed resolution that Paris presented towards ending fighting in Lebanon

# 23:20 High-ranking Arab diplomat to AFP: emergency Arab League meeting for foreign ministers scheduled to take place on Monday in Beirut seeks to “support comprehensive plan” presented by Prime Minister Fouad Siniora

# 23:12 Hezbollah confirms that rockets launched near Tel Aviv today are Khaibar rockets

# 23:10 al-Jazeera: reports of imminent end to war between Israel and Hezbollah; military operations could stop within 24 hours

# 23:00 Israeli interior minister: Israeli army controlling sector in southern Lebanon ranging in depth from 3 – 8km; we are combing area to distance Hezbollah’s threat and its rockets

# 22:34 Hezbollah announces shelling of al-Khdeira, 70km south of Lebanese border, with round of Khaibar I rockets,

# 22:32 Fierce clashes along border, and fears of epidemics

# 22:30 Italian prime minister Romano Prodi warns Israel of disproportionate reactions

# 22:28 Shelling of bridges paralyses aid convoys to Lebanon

# 22:20 Four Israeli air strikes on al-Mansouri and 2 strikes on Ain Ba’al and Bazouriyeh

# 22:10 Head of international investigation team concerning assassination of ex-Prime Minister Rafic Hariri left Beirut today on board British ship

# 21:53 Four injured in Israeli shelling of Kafra

# 21:45 Yedioth Ahronot: warning sirens go off in Haifa, Kiryat Zeshrof, Yakov and Akka

# 21:35 Hezbollah says its rockets targeted central command base for Israeli air force in northern Israel

# 21:33 Israeli police says Hezbollah rockets hit al-Khdeira today, 20km away from Tel Aviv

# 21:26 Hezbollah rockets reach Jezrael in northern Israel

# 21:16 Warning sirens in Haifa

# 21:10 UN: humanitarian activities coordinator in Lebanon denounces continued Israeli shelling of civilian infrastructure

# 21:05 Russian embassy in Beirut prepares new ways to evacuate its citizens

# 20:53 Number killed in al-Qaa’ massacre rises to 34

# 20:50 Fierce shelling on several villages in Bint Jbeil

# 20:36 Italian foreign minister D’Alema and Syrian foreign minister Sharaa call for immediate ceasefire in Lebanon

# 20:32 Civilian car and agricultural pick-up truck targeted on main road between Baalbek and Hermel

# 20:24 Fierce battles between Hezbollah and Israeli army around town of Bint Jbeil

# 20:22 Israeli air strike on Jouaya injures 2

# 20:20 Fierce Israeli shelling on area between Kfar Seer and Sarri

# 20:18 Israeli air strike on Aita al-Shaab and Kafra

# 20:17 Demonstration in Akkar denouncing Israeli aggression on Lebanon

# 20:14 al-Jazeera: 4 injured in Hezbollah rocket fire on Marj ben Amer valley in northern Israel

# 20:11 Fierce shelling on many villages and towns in Sour (Tyre)

# 19:50 Israeli air strike on Safad al-Bateekh destroys several houses
# 19:49 5 injured in Israeli air strike on Kafra

# 19:48 Jerusalem Post: 3 killed and 86 injured in Israel as result of Hezbollah rockets

# 19:46 Russian Security Council secretary, Ivanov calls for immediate ceasefire

# 19:44 Arab foreign ministers meet in Beirut on Monday

# 19:40 Israeli air strike on Jouwaya; injuries reported

# 19:38 Israeli shelling cuts off main road, preventing humanitarian aid

# 19:35 Yedioth Ahronot: Israeli army surrounds Hezbollah unit launching anti-tank rockets

# 19:29 7 Lebanese civilians killed and 10 others injured in al-Taybeh

# 19:24 Destruction of house with over 17 civilians inside in al-Taybeh and another in Aita al-Shaab

# 19:20 Israeli air strikes on al-Mansouri and al-Shahabiyeh, and artillery shelling on villages of Western District

# 19:18 Yedioth Ahronot: 1 officer and 2 soldiers from Israeli Golani Brigade killed in Markaba, and 2 other soldiers injured in al-Taybeh today

# 19:16 Series of Israeli air strikes target vehicles in al-Tal al-Abyad in Baalbek

# 19:06 Israeli air strikes on Litani River and Homa Arnoun

# 18:52 Ha'aretz: Katyousha rockets fall on Qunaitra City in Golan Heights

# 18:36 Israeli newspapers: Israel did not expect war like this even in its "worse nightmares"

# 18:29 5 Qatari planes arrive in Damascus Airport carrying medical supplies and food for Lebanon

# 18:23 Brussels expresses regret for shelling passageway used for bringing humanitarian aid into Lebanon

# 18:19 French president, Jacques Chirac, and Finnish prime minister, Matti Vanhanen, called today for exertion of all efforts to reach ceasefire and diplomatic agreement concerning Lebanon approved by UN as soon as possible

# 18:13 Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah: war in Lebanon will extend to Arab and Islamic world

# 18:06 Emile Lahoud: objective behind Israeli shelling is to impose conditions on Lebanon which it refuses

# 18:04 Political struggle over formation of international force to be deployed in Lebanon

# 17:58 Warning sirens in Carmiel and west of Galilee

# 17:53 US state department announces that US undersecretary of state for Middle East affairs, David Walsh, to visit Beirut tomorrow

# 17:52 Source: High ranking US diplomat visits Beirut tomorrow

# 17:45 Renewed Israeli air strikes on outskirts of Arabsaleem result in field fires breaking out

# 17:42 Million-man demonstration in support of Hezbollah in al-Sadr city in Iraq

# 17:36 One ton of relief supplies from Jordan and UAE arrives in Beirut

# 17:29 European Commission denounces destruction of 4 bridges, stating that this hinders humanitarian relief operations to Lebanon via Syria

# 17:25 al-Jazeera correspondent: Israeli air strike on outskirts of Arabsaleem in southern Lebanon

# 17:21 Two Israeli air strikes this afternoon on orchards in al-Qaa on Lebanese – Syrian border result in death of 30 Syrian laborers and wounding of over 30 others

# 17:17 Hezbollah announces destruction of 3 Merkava tanks in al-Taybeh Project; Yedioth Ahronot states that 2 Israeli soldiers killed in Markaba and 3 injured in al-Taybeh

# 16:35 AFP: At least 12 people killed in Israeli air strike on Lebanese customs building in al-Masnaa border crossing between Lebanon and Syria

# 16:25 Israeli police: second Israeli killed in rocket attack by Hezbollah on Israel

# 16:05 Israeli air strike targets truck in Hay al-Sharawneh in Baalbek

# 16:00 Arab Israeli woman killed in town of al-Maghar in northern Israel as result of rocket attack

# 15:57 Hezbollah targets Avital early warning post and settlements of Ghosh, Ma’alot, and Kiryat Motzkin

# 15:55 Associated Press: Eye-witnesses report 40 killed in Israeli air strike on al-Qaa

# 15:50 Death toll in Israeli air strike on al-Qaa rises to 25

# 15:45 5 civilians killed in Israeli air strike on al-Masnaa border crossing between Lebanon and Syria

# 15:40 23 civilians killed and 10 injured in Israeli air strike on al-Qaa

# 15:35 80 rockets fall on northern Israel

# 15:30 One settler killed and others injured in rocket shelling of settlements

# 15:25 Hezbollah launches rockets on military posts in Israeli settlements

# 15:20 25 people injured in Israeli air strike on grocery warehouse in Beqaa Valley

# 15:17 Israel admits 2 soldiers killed and 1 officer injured in confrontations in Markaba

# 15:55 Hezbollah launches rockets on settlements of Ramat, Carmiel, Naftali, and Sidi Eliezer

# 15:10 25 civilians injured in Israeli air strike on Beqaa

# 15:05 Israeli army admits 2 of its soldiers killed in confrontations in southern Lebanon

# 15:00 Lebanese army command announces death of lieutenant Nazih Mohammed and corporal Mohammed Mazen killed in Israeli air strikes on two army posts in al-Ouzai and al-Madfoon

# 14:50 Arrival of 2 UAE planes to Beirut Airport carrying medical supplies

# 14:45 Meeting of ambassadors of Switzerland, Austria, Malta, Italy, Korea, and Spain in Caritas

# 14:40 Lebanese Red Cross: 5 killed and 11 wounded in Israeli air strikes on bridges in northern Lebanon

# 14:35 One Lebanese citizen killed in air strike on Markaba

# 14:25 Israeli air strike on Litani River – Kfar Seer, and Israeli incursion attempt towards al-Hamamess

# 14:10 Sheikh Qabalan calls for immediate ceasefire and return of displaced to their villages and homes

# 14:05 Air strikes on Sidiqeen, Jbal al-Butom, al-Hiniyeh, al-Sultaniyeh, al-Qlieleh, Tanieh – Sour (Tyre)

# 13:55 American under-secretary of state visits Beirut tomorrow (Saturday) for discussions concerning ending war on Lebanon

# 13:45 Hezbollah announces 3 Israeli soldiers killed and fourth injured, as well as destruction of tank in Aita al-Shaab

# 13:42 Civil society organizations protest in Martyrs' Square against continuation of Israeli aggression on Lebanon

# 13:41 Israeli losses on al-Taybeh, al-Taybeh project, Rub Thalatheen and Markaba axis: 3 tanks destroyed, 1 bulldozer hit, and fires blaze in troop carrier

# 13:40 Ground confrontations: 5 Israelis killed; 1 tank and 1 troop carrier destroyed

# 13:37 Prime minister Fouad Siniora calls for resolution of causes that led to rise of Hezbollah

# 13:33 Israel targets area north of Beirut for first time, 4 Lebanese killed

# 13:30 Blair postpones vacation to resolve Middle East crisis

# 13:25 8th shipment of humanitarian aid arrives in Syria from Kuwait for support of Lebanese people

# 12:45 Intense shelling of villages of Yuhmor and al-Shqeef, and Litani River

# 12:30 Inhabitants of Markaba appeal for medical supplies and assistance in rescue of wounded

# 12:15 Hezbollah announces destruction of Israeli troop carrier, killing and wounding its crew at al-Adaiyseh

# 12:00 Israeli radio: warning sirens in some settlements in northern Israeli

# 11:30 Blat Jbeil mayor: casualties and wounded under destroyed Halat bridge; heavy machinery needed to remove rubble

# 11:15 Hezbollah announces it has destroyed Israeli tank on Aita al-Shaab axis; crew killed and wounded

# 11:00 al-Jazeera: number of Hezbollah rockets land in northern Israel

# 10:40 Israeli air strikes target al-Qleileh and Deir Siryan

# 10:30 Fierce Israeli air strikes on Sour (Tyre) and surroundings

# 10:22 4 Lebanese killed and 15 wounded in Israeli air strikes on bridges north of Beirut

# 10:20 5 Israeli soldiers killed and bulldozer destroyed near Markaba in southern Lebanon

# 10:10 Malaysia says it is ready to contribute 1,000 soldiers to international force in Lebanon

# 10:07 3 Israeli soldiers killed and 2 wounded in battles near Markaba in southern Lebanon

# 10:05 Israeli air strikes on 4 charity organizations in southern Lebanon

# 10:00 Israeli air strike on Ansar

# 09:50 Israeli airplanes circle repeatedly over Nabatiyeh

# 09:20 Two Lebanese killed and 12 wounded, in preliminary count, in Israeli destruction of 4 bridges on Maamaltein – North Lebanon road

# 09:01 Israeli air strike targets Taraya, Afqa road, connecting Beqaa with Mount Lebanon

# 08:43 Lebanese civilian, Qasem al-Baarini killed in Israeli air strike on Fedar bridge, another unidentified casualty still under rubble

# 08:25 Lebanese army soldier, Naji al-Hussain killed and three wounded in Israeli air strike on al-Ouzai at dawn

* 08:20 Five injured in Israeli air strike on Ghazir bridge
* 08:10 Road to northern Lebanon cut off after bridges hit in air strikes

* 08:02 Area around Adma on fire as a result of shelling

* 07:50 Israeli air strike on Fedar bridge in Jbeil

* 07:45 Israeli air strike on Casino bridge in Jounieh, Maamaltein area, injuries reported

* 07:40 Israeli air strike on al-Madfoun bridge in al-Batroun in northern Lebanon

* 07:10 Israeli air strike on Ghazir bridge in Jounieh, Maamaltein area

* 04:31 Consecutive Israeli air strikes on Southern Suburb of Beirut, al-Ouzai and Baalbek

* 04:26 Repeated Israeli air strikes on Southern Suburb of Beirut

* 04:19 Six Israeli air strikes on Baalbek and outskirts

* 04:12 Over 25 Israeli air strikes on al-Ouzai until now

* 03:45 Consecutive Israeli air strikes on al-Ouzai near Beirut International Airport

* 03:00 12 Israelis killed; confrontations escalate in southern Lebanon

* 02:30 Renewed Israeli shelling on Southern Suburb of Beirut

* 02:00 Lebanese prime minister Fouad Siniora confirms fuel supplies will last another week, pointing out that reserve supplies are decreasing

* 01:55 Venezuelan president recalls ambassador to Israel in protest of Israeli massacres in Lebanon

* 01:50 Israeli army confirms targeting of Hezbollah stronghold in southern Lebanon

* 01:07 Continued Israeli air strikes on Southern Suburb of Beirut

* 01:06 Hezbollah announces it has foiled Israeli attempt to advance on Markaba hills, several Israeli soldiers wounded

* 01:01 Two Israeli missiles target al-Rowais and Haret Hreik in Southern Suburb of Beirut

* 00:59 Israeli air strike on Southern Suburb of Beirut

* 00:47 One woman killed and three wounded in Israeli strikes on Baalbek

* 00:31 Consecutive Israeli air strikes on Nabatiyeh

* 00:20 Saudi police prevent demonstration in support of Lebanese resistance



Nakon Demokratskog omladinskog pokreta BiH, danas su ponovo na trgu oslobođenja u organizaciji regionalne mreže „Prigovor za mir“ održani protesti protiv agresije na Liban. Posjećenost je bila u skladu sa svijesti Sarajlija tako da je i ovaj put bilo prisutno nekoliko desetina uglavnom mladih koji su građanima dijelili letke, a ovi ih nezeinteresirano gurali u đepove. Vjerovatno će ih čitati preko vikenda pričajući uz kahvu kako treba nešto organizirat'.
Pored osude agresije i američke uloge u ratovima na Bliskom istoku aktivisti prigovora savjesti su nas informisali i o izraelcima koji su odbili služiti interesima cionističke agresije o čemu ćemo vas upoznati u narednim postovima.
Jedini vrijedni pohvalke su bili mediji koji su se odazvali u većem broju od samih građana. Na kraju uz čestitke organizatorima informacija da su prošle sedmice u Begovoj đžamiji vjernici sakupili oko 5000 KM što će uz novac prikupljen u ostalim džamijama širom BiH predstavljati malu, ali iskrenu pomoć građanima Libanona. Uz 100.000 koje je za istu svrhu izdvojilo Vijeće ministara BiH možemo reći da se ipak nešto uradilo - problem je samo ta čudna (ne)svijest građana po pitanju javnog izražavanja mišljenja.


Marwan Khoueiry wrote:

...I am a 21 year old Lebanese who has recently graduated from AUB, I am accepted for a 1-year masters program in London. As sad as I am to have to leave my country for a year, I have made a pact to myself to return to my homeland whatever it takes after this year. Most of my family members and friends tell me that I am lucky to leave my country and to have a new beginning elsewhere.

I tell them I am lucky to be born in a country such as Lebanon.

I am lucky to be born in the country of Khalil Gibran.

I am lucky to be born in the country of Al Rahbani brothers.

I am lucky to be born in the country of Fairuz.

I am lucky to be born in a capital that was once referred to as Paris of the

I could continue forever if I want.

I want to return to see the cedar tree grow in my garden.

I want to return to see the flashy lights of Beirut downtown on a Saturday night.

I want to return to my Sunday lunches with my whole family.

I want to return to those snowy white mountains.

I want to return to those gold sandy beaches.

I want to return and raise a family in Lebanon and most importantly,

I want to return to build our Lebanon, the land of my ancestors, the land of the brave and the mighty.

If you ever went to Jezzine city in the south, there is a big statue of Lady Mary at the entrance of the city watching over the destroyed south. Thisstatue is crying at the moment. I want to help in wiping her tears.

There is a legend that talks about the phoenix which is a bird that is capable of rising from its ashes. The phoenix will no longer be a legend my friends, as Lebanon after this war, which may last weeks, months or even years, will rise, rise high and aim for the moon, if it misses, it will surely land on the stars.

For all those who left our Lebanon, I tell them: We'll meet again my friends…In LEBANON.



Tayyar.org: Events minute by minute August 3, 2006

* 14:00 Confrontations in Terfa, Shmaa, al-Jbein triangle
* 13:55 Israeli air strike on Lebanese army barracks in Nabatiyeh deserted for past 30 years

* 13:50 Israeli shelling on outskirts of Jbaa in Iqlim al-Tuffah

* 13:45 Fierce Israeli air strikes on villages of Mayfadoun and al-Kfour, and on Hay al-Bayad in Nabatiyeh

* 13:40 Israeli losses until now reach 4 Merkava tanks and 2 bulldozers

* 13:35 Over 1,000 displaced Lebanese arrive in town of al-Jouma in Akkar

* 13:30 al-Jazeera correspondent: Hezbollah says it has lost 43 fighters and not 80 fighers as Israel claims

* 13:25 Israeli air strike on head quarters of Lebanese army second brigade in Sarba in southern Lebanon

* 13:20 Israeli air strikes continue on outskirts of Western District and fierce battles on Rmeish, Ayta and al-Qouwzah axis

* 13:15 Warning sirens in Nahariya

* 13:10 Reuters: Lebanese security sources estimate 80 Hezbollah fighters killed

* 13:05 Italian foreign minister believes hostilities in Lebanon may transform country into another Iraq

* 12:56 Two Israeli air strikes on outskirts of Arabsaleem and al-Zahrani River

* 12:54 Hezbollah destroys 2 Merkava tanks as Israeli force approaches Shiheen

* 12:52 Spanish foreign minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos: Syria promised to use influence over Hezbollah

* 12:22 Organization of the Islamic Conference calls for immediate and comprehensive ceasefire in Lebanon

* 12:20 Hezbollah launches rockets on Golan Heights, casualties reported

* 12:04 Israeli air strikes on Jabal al-Malah Heights, east of Baalbek targeting dirt road

* 11:54 Hezbollah launches rockets on settlement of Ma'alot

* 11:52 Israeli police: 19 rockets fall on northern Israel

* 11:13 Israeli airplanes circle over Beqaa at low altitude

* 11:08 Hezbollah announces tally of Israeli losses since morning: 2 Merkava tanks and 2 bulldozers

* 11:00 Lebanese prime minister Fouad Siniora: 900 killed, 3,000 injured, and 1 million displaced as result of Israeli aggression on Lebanon

* 10:58 Fierce Israeli shelling on al-Bayada, al-Hamra, al-Mansouri and al-Minyeh axis

* 10:55 Israeli air strike on villages of Ain Bouswar and Mleita, and on al-Qusaiybeh road

* 10:46 Israeli air strike and shelling on southern city of Sour (Tyre)

* 10:32 Israeli air strikes on village of Zibqeen and surroundings in southern Lebanon

* 10:28 Four Israeli air strikes on southern suburb of Beirut at dawn

* 10:25 Caritas Lebanon receives donation from UAE to distribute to displaced

* 10:21 Israeli army admits tank has been hit in confrontations in al-Taybeh

* 10:20 Second round of rockets fall on Kiryat Shmona

* 10:15 Renewal of fierce fighting between Hezbollah and Israeli forces on border areas

* 10:14 Haaretz: One Israeli killed at night, and 15 injured this morning

* 10:06 Intense shelling in vicinity of al-Qleileh, al-Mansouri, al-Hiniyeh, al-Shietiyeh, and al-Bayada

* 10:00 Warning sirens in the towns and villages of northern Israel

* 10:00 Warning sirens in towns and villages of northern Israel

* 09:59 Israeli artillery shelling on Zibdine, Jabal al-Ahmar and Shoukein

* 09:55 Israeli air strikes last night on Hermel destroy al-Assi bridge; fierce shelling on main road between Baalbek and Hermel isolates Hermel completely

* 09:47 Israeli artillery shelling on Litani river

* 09:41 Haaretz: rockets fall on Kiryat Shmona

* 09:16 Residents of al-Taybeh call on International Red Cross to enter village to remove bodies of killed, and evacuate number of disabled and elderly

* 09:15 Bodies of family found under rubble in al-Taybeh

* 09:14 Israeli artillery shelling on Yohmor, Arnoun, Houla and Mais al-Jabal, and Israeli air strikes on Litani river

* 09:10 Olmert: Israel is very close to its target in campaign on Lebanon

* 08:56 Hezbollah announces that it has destroyed Israeli bulldozer in al-Taybeh this morning

* 08:55 Belgian air force plane arrives in Beirut carrying aid

* 08:53 Malaysia: UN does not have sufficient courage to denounce Israeli attacks on Lebanon

* 08:20 Israeli air strikes on al-Bayada and al-Aamiliyeh in district of Sour (Tyre)

* 08:00 Israeli air strikes on Rashaya, Kfar Mashki road, Bayader al-Ads road, Baka, Yanta road and Baka, Kfar Kouk road

* 07:54 Hezbollah announces it has hit Israeli contingent base in Margolit barracks in Honin

* 07:37 3 Israeli air strikes on al-Assi bridge, outskirts of al-Qaa and north of Hermel

* 07:35 Salvo of Hezbollah rockets fall on Kiryat Shmona

* 07:22 Israeli rocket falls near Aita al-Fukhar

* 07:12 Israeli air strikes on outskirts of villages of M’doukha, Baka and Yanta

* 07:10 Fierce and concentrated shelling of all neighborhoods in Nabatiyeh

* 03:36 Israeli air strike targets Arqa bridge in Akkar for second time

* 03:25 Israeli air strike on al-Diniyeh road in northern Lebanon

* 03:21 Israeli helicopters fly at low altitude over Zouq

* 03:15 Israeli air strikes on northern Hermel and Akkar

* 03:12 4 Israeli air strikes on southern suburb of Beirut after 1 week suspension of strikes; Israeli airplanes circle at low altitude over Beirut at dawn

* 03:07 Unconfirmed reports of explosion in Dbaiyeh

* 03:06 Australian citizens evacuated; Germany will not open door to immigration

* 03:00 Reports of shelling on Dbaiyeh, Metn coast

* 02:55 Israeli airplanes circle repeatedly over Akkar

* 02:50 Fierce Israeli shelling on southern suburb of Beirut

* 02:45 Israeli air strikes on southern suburb of Beirut

* 02:40 AP: UN declares it is negotiating with Israel to allow ships into Lebanese waters

* 02:30 International Red Cross to bring two oil ships to Lebanon to overcome fuel crisis

* 02:20 Israeli soldier killed in Aita al-Shaab

* 02:15 Reuters: explosions heard in Beirut

* 02:05 French and US positions on ceasefire in Lebanon drawing closer

* 02:00 Washington shows signs of losing patience with Israeli

* 01:50 Brazil calls for immediate ceasefire

* 01:15 Israeli army plans for buffer zone in southern Lebanon

* 00:53 Haaretz: 5 Israeli soldiers wounded in clashes in Aita al-Shaab

* 00:07 Lebanese justice minister Charles Rizq says ministry preparing case to take Israel to court on Qana massacre


Antiagresorsko selo: Demonstracije protiv agresije u Libanu

Regionalna mreža „Prigovor za mir“, povodom sukoba na Bliskom Istoku, posebno vezano za trenutnu eskalaciju nasilja u Libanonu, organizira akciju protiv nasilja i rata u petak 04.08.2006. na trgu Oslobođenja u Sarajevu i poziva sve građane/ke, organizacije, institucije i ostale da se priključe akciji i daju svoj doprinos prestanku sukoba. Akcija će početi u 12:00 i trajati će do 18:00.
Regionalna mreža „Prigovor za mir“ tokom posljednjih 4 godine postojanja, u svojoj osnovnoj misiji se protivi svakoj vrsti rata i nasilja, radi na njihovom sprječavanju i prestanku svugdje na svijetu, te je posvećena vrijednostima pacifizma i nenasilja. Ovom prilikom osuđujemo eskalaciju nasilja, a posebno razaranje Libanona od strane vojnog i političkog Izraela, čime se samo produžava krug mržnje i nasilja u tom regionu.

Ovom prilikom, članice mreže pozivaju:

-Vlade regiona da javno osude rat i nasilje u Libanonu;
-Vladu Izraela da trenutno prekine sva vojna dejstva i posveti se stvaranju trajnog mira u regionu, te apeliramo na sve ljude da potaknuti ovom agresijom ne podupiru širenje antisemitizma;
-Sve vlade svijeta, a posebno vladu SAD-a, da prekinu podržavanje rata, slanje vojne pomoći, te pod hitno urade sve da se rat prekine;
-Medije da posvete više pažnje antiratnim pokretima i njihovom djelovanju, kao i da se sami aktivnije posvete suzbijanju mržnje i nasilja, te objavljivanju podataka o globalnom ratnom profiterstvu i ratnoj industriji koja jedina ima koristi od ratova;
-Građane/ke država regiona i cijelog svijeta, kao i sve nadležne organizacije i institucije, da se uključe nenasilne inicijative koje rade na stvaranju uvjeta za stvaranje trajnog mira u regionu, kao i da obezbijede humanitarnu pomoć stanovnicima Libanona, Palestine i svih ugroženih područja,
-Sve da javno dignu glas protiv vojnih industrija koje profitiraju od sukoba;

„Preživjeli smo rat, ne želimo ga drugima! Nesposobnost međunarodne zajednice, a posebno UN-a, te u ovom slučaju i Evropske Unije, da prekine ratna dejstva i razaranja kroz svoje mehanizme se još jednom pokazalo kao ključno u produžavanju nasilja širom svijeta, u ovom slučaju u Libanonu. Nedjelotvornost ovih mehanizama je produkt sebičnih interesa pojedinih vlada koji se tim ratovima služe za ostvarivanje svojih interesa. Kao ljudi koji smo preživjeli direktne posljedice ove nesposobnosti, smatramo da samo aktivnim nenasilnim i antiratnim djelovanjem pojedinaca možemo uticati na prestanak nasilja!“ – poručuju iz regionalne mreže „Prigovor za mir“.

Također, članovi Kampanje za prigovor savjesti u BiH, kao i svih ostalih članica Regionalne mreže, poručuju da će se akcije i njihov rad nastaviti sve do prestanka nasilja.

link DOSTA !

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