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TheOneMinutesJr. workshop in Beirut

TheOneMinutesJr. workshop in Beirut

November 22-26


Your biggest fascinations, wildest dreams, taboos, fears and hopes. Share your thoughts in a 60-second video and win a trip to Amsterdam or even Tokyo! Your video will be shown on national television stations and festivals across Europe! This is your chance to express yourself!


Theoneminutesjr is an international collaboration established in November 2002 by the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), UNICEF, and the Sandberg Institute (a postgraduate institute for fine arts). The project promotes a oneminutesjr video network and competition for young people (12-20) in all parts of the world to produce their own video messages and to express themselves and learn valuable media skills in the process. The length of one minute both challenges the creators to form their ideas clearly and gives them the freedom to express themselves, which is the basic right of every young person.


In the past four years the European Cultural Foundation together with its partners offered an opportunity to young people in and outside Europe to produce their one minute videos and join our annual competition www.theoneminutesjr.org. More than 800 One Minutes have been made by young people from 60 countries. Six Awards have been handed out and the network collaborates with 10 European TV channels, which broadcast the videos on national television.


Within the framework of theoneminutesjr network we will organize a workshop in Beirut in collaboration with SHAMS for young people living in the city. The workshop will last 5 days and 20 youngsters are invited to join us.


The theme of the workshop will be (self)-portrait. The idea is that you think about some of the following questions: Who you are?  What do you stand for? What are your dreams, fascinations, fears, hopes and passions? Where do you come from? What do you see around you? You can say who you are in your own way. You could also choose to make a portrait of someone else, a friend, your pet, a city…..Many options are possible.


Good luck with your ideas! We are looking forward to hearing them at the start of the workshop. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.




Raya Ribbius                                                                          Abdo Nawar (961-1-381290)

raya@theoneminutesjr.org                                                       assshams@cyberia.net.lb