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Cold Desert blog: "Who is the Terrorist ?" - DAM

DAM: 'America, do you realize that the taxes that you pay
Feed the forces that traumatize my every living day'

"DAM is the leading Palestinian Rap Group... All three members of the group were born and grew up in the slams of Lod, a mixed Israeli town of Arabs and Jews... The music and lyrics of DAM are influenced from the effects of the continuing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as from the struggle for equality of Arab-Israeli."

Who's the terrorist?

I'm the terrorist?!
How am I the terrorist when you've taken my land?
Who's the terrorist?
You're the terrorist!
You've taken everything I own while I'm living in my homeland
You're killing us like you've killed our ancestors
You want me to go to the law?
What for?
You're the Witness, the Lawyer, and the Judge!
If you are my Judge
I'll be sentenced to death
You want us to be the minority?
To end up the majority in the cemetery?
In your dreams!
You're a Democracy?
Actually it's more like the Nazis!
Your countless raping of the Arabs’ soul
Finally impregnated it
Gave birth to your child
His name: Suicide Bomber
And then you call him the terrorist?

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