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Tayyar.org: Events minute by minute August 13, 2006

09:46 Israeli air strikes on Arzoun and fields of Deir Dibba east of Sour (Tyre)
09:45 Two Israeli air strikes on al-Jamaliyeh north of Baalbek
09:15 Israeli air strikes on Sour (Tyre)
08:55 Hezbollah clashes with Israeli unit trying to advance to Yatar, where Israeli helicopter fell to retrieve bodies
08:20 Renewed Israeli shelling on Sour (Tyre) and Beqaa, number of civilians killed
07:52 al-Jazeera: heavy Israeli air strikes on region of Halba in northern Lebanon targets Lebanese army base and residential homes
07:15 Israeli radio: around 30,000 Israeli soldiers in Lebanon
06:40 Israeli army: 19 soldiers killed and 5 missing following first day of expanded offensive against Lebanon; over 100 soldiers killed since beginning of war
06:15 Reuters: Israeli says 19 soldiers killed in Lebanon on Saturday
02:36 UN secretary general Kofi Annan announces that presidents of Lebanon and Israel agreed to ceasefire on Monday at 5:00 GMT
02:26 Brazilian government to send airplane to Lebanon carrying food and other aid supplies for over 145,000 people
01:52 Haaretz: Israeli air strike on Palestinian refugee camp near Saida (Sidon)
01:47 Thousands of protestors demonstrate in front of White House to denounce US and Israeli policies in Middle East
01:30 UNEP begins investigation into polluting of Lebanese coast
00:50 Source from office of Israeli prime minister states that Israeli troop withdrawal from Lebanon could start in one or two weeks
00:35 Israeli army: another 4 Israeli soldiers killed in Lebanon
00:17 Death toll among Israeli soldiers rises to 16 killed, with over 100 wounded