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Tayyar.org: Events minute by minute August 11, 2006

23:55 Olmert prepares Israeli government to accept UN resolution
23:10 Haaretz: Israeli army: Regardless of talks at Security Council, we will continue our military operations full force
22:56 al-Arabiya: 8 Israeli air strikes on joint security forces convoy withdrawing from Marjeyoun
22:30 al-Jazeera: 18 people killed or injured in strike on joint security forces convoy leaving Marjeyoun
22:15 Israeli spokesperson: ground offensive to start within hours
22:10 Joint security forces convoy under Israeli shelling near Kefraya crossing in western Beqaa
22:05 UN Security Council will vote on proposed resolution within hours
21:55 Proposed UN resolution:
- Does not mention article 7 but specifies role of international forces in article 6
- Does not call for ceasefire, but for cessation of all aggressive acts
- Calls on Lebanon to enforce its borders and control all crossings
- Calls on Lebanon to deploy its forces south of Litani River
21:50 UN Human Rights Council condemns Israel for its attacks on Lebanon
21:45 Israel confirms it is going ahead with expanded offensive on Lebanon
21:22 Rice shares latest draft of proposed resolution with Olmert by phone
21:10 Israeli TV: Olmert receives proposed UN resolution positively
21:05 Israeli sources: Good chance of Israel accepting proposed cease-fire
20:55 Israeli officials consider proposed resolution about Lebanon good
20:32 British foreign minister announces that agreement on resolution will be reached today
20:15 Israeli government spokesperson: proposed UN resolution unacceptable
19:41 Meeting between Berri and Hariri ends with no statements made
19:40 Rice: we hope to vote on draft resolution concerning Lebanon today
19:39 Livni: decision to expand ground offensive doesn’t rule out diplomatic solution
19:26 Red Cross ambulance targeted in Tibneen and 2 paramedics injured
19:24 Fierce Israeli airs strikes on Iqlim al-Tuffah
19:22 One Lebanese killed in Israeli shelling on Harbta in northern Beqaa
19:10 Israeli television: armoured vehicles on border prepare for wide scale offensive on Lebanon
19:01 Renewed Israeli air strikes on Southern Suburb of Beirut
18:47 Heavy Israeli shelling on Safad al-Bateekh, Baraasheet, Khirbet Silim, Shaqra, and Tibneen
18:45 Israeli representative in Security Council says that ceasefire discussions still ongoing
18:37 Reuters: food in Southern Lebanon starting to run out, and roads cut preventing delivery of aid
18:36 Welch leaves Government Serail without making any statement
18:25 AP: Olmert unsatisfied with proposed ceasefire, and calls defence minister to prepare expansion of ground offensive
18:22 Arrival of security convoy that evacuated security elements and civilians from Marjeyoun barrack to Hasbaya
18:16 Meeting ends between Welch and Siniora
18:15 Proposed draft resolution does not mention exchange of prisoners, and does not grant UNIFIL any fighting responsibilities
18:13 Lebanon receives new international draft resolution that is not based on 7th article of UN Charter; however, it also does not include any reference to Shebaa Farms
18:10 Reuters: Lebanon sees great progress made in talks with US
18:02 Two Apache helicopters circle at low altitude over Sour (Tyre)
18:01 Haaretz: 2 soldiers killed and 7 injured when their tank was hit by anti-tank rockets in southern Lebanon today
17:47 Israeli air strike on area of Ain Baal in Sour (Tyre)
17:42 al-Arabiya: Israel informed Washington that it will not automatically accept international resolution demanding ceasefire
17:30 al-Jazeera: Israel denies that Hezbollah targeted Israeli military boat
17:26 al-Jazeera: international resolution stipulates deployment of Lebanese army in southern Lebanon within 10 days
17:25 US, France and UK foreign ministers in Security Council ahead of vote
17:22 al-Jazeera: Welch discusses with Lebanese officials international resolution to strengthen UNIFIL forces
17:21 al-Jazeera: agreement close on resolution not calling for immediate disarming of Hezbollah
17:20 UN secretary general, Kofi Annan, joins deliberations preceding voting in Security Council
17:19 Lebanese defence minister Elias al-Murr: force made up of 10 nations will deploy in southern Lebanon
17:18 Haaretz: One Israeli seriously injured in rockets fire on Kiryat Shmona
17:17 Prime minister Siniora meets with parliament member Saad Hariri in Grand Serail
17:16 Israeli security source to Reuters: we intend to return 2 Lebanese taken as prisoners during confrontations with Hezbollah
17:15 Haaretz: Israel calls on Washington to speed up process of delivering anti-personnel rockets to Israeli
17:05 Israeli military boat targeted by Hezbollah on shores of Sour (Tyre) sank immediately after it was hit
17:03 Reuters: Israeli Army: we might re-enter Lebanon if United Nations force fails
16:58 Reuters: US ambassador toUnited Nations, John Bolton: we are very close to agreement on final draft resolution, and we expect voting to take place at Security Council today
16:50 Welch at Grand Serail again, promises solution that will satisfy all
16:45 Hezbollah rockets fired on Safad and Kiryat Shmona result in injuries
16:40 Reuters: Olmert faces criticism concerning war on Lebanon
16:20 al-Jazeera: Hezbollah targets Israeli military boat near Sour (Tyre) with 12 Israeli marines on board
16:15 Israeli air strikes on south of Western Beqaa, and artillery shelling on al-Khiam and outskirts of Ebil Al Saqi and Dibeen
16:05 al-Arabiya: trapped civilians and military personnel in Marjeyoun leave town
16:01 Hezbollah launches rockets on settlements of Hazeef and Kabri
15:45 Two Israeli air strikes on Tayr Diba – Burj al-Shamali- Kafra and Jbal al-Butom
15:25 Two Israeli air strikes on outskirts of western Ebil al-Saqi
15:05 Hezbollah announces launching rockets on Nahariya, Avivim and Kiryat Shmona
15:05 Hezbollah rockets fall on Kiryat Shmona
14:45 Warning sirens in Afula and al-Nasrah (Nazareth)
14:35 Fires break out in Upper Galilee
13:33 Renewed Israeli shelling on Southern Suburb of Beirut
13:26 EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana arrives in Beirut Airport
13:24 Israeli surveillance plane targets motorcycle rider on Zrariyeh – al-Kharayeb main road
13:15 Four storey building demolished by Israeli shelling on Markaba – Hay al-Husseini
13:00 Israeli air strike on Bareesh, eastern Sour (Tyre)
12:46 Israeli air strike on al-Ruwais area in Southern Suburb of Beirut
12:40 Israeli air strike on Bir al-Abed in Southern Suburb of Beirut
12:28 Israeli airplanes circle repeatedly over Southern Suburb of Beirut
12:16 French foreign minister Philippe Douste-Blazy, heads to New York to join discussions on Lebanon
12:08 Renewed Israeli shelling on Southern Suburb of Beirut
11:57 Fouad Siniora meets with US sssistant secretary of state David Welch in Grand Serail
11:38 Israeli air strikes on al-Kfour in southern Lebanon destroys municipality building completely
11:36 Hezbollah says it killed and injured 15 Israeli soldiers in clashes in Aita al-Shaab
11:25 Israeli air strikes on areas between al-Numairiyeh, al-Sharqiyeh and Jabal al-Rafi’
11:24 Israeli air strikes on Qana, Sidiqeen and Hanawiyeh
11:23 Israeli air strikes on edges of al-Zrariyeh, Aaba, Ansar and al-Breiqe’
11:13 Fierce clashes on edges of Rashaya
11:12 Israeli artillery shelling on Kfar Hamam, Rashaya al-Fukhar and Kfar Shouba
11:02 Two people killed and several injured in Israeli air strike on Maqna in Baalbek
10:40 New round of Hezbollah rockets fall on Haifa, two people injured
10:27 Haaretz: Israeli forces capture 350 Lebanese in Marjeyoun
10:25 Marjeyoun Hospital evacuated of staff and patients
10:22 Israeli pamphlets dropped over Sour (Tyre)
10:21 Israeli pamphlets dropped over Beirut incite against Hezbollah
10:20 Explosions heard in Haifa
10:16 Israeli airplanes drop pamphlets over Ain Mreisseh in Beirut
10:15 Lebanese army soldier killed when Israeli air strike targets civilian car in Baalbek
10:08 Rockets fall on Nahariya, warning sirens in Haifa and western Galilee
09:55 Israeli air strike on mobile bridge between Drous and Brital 09:53 Israeli air strike on main road between Maqna and Younin
09:37 Israeli air strike on Maqna road in Baalbek
09:35 Fierce Israeli shelling on Bayt Yahoun and outskirts, and Israeli air strikes on Tibneen
09:31 Security sources: personnel from police stations in Mais al-Jabal, al-Aadayseh and Houla will be moved to Nabatiyeh
09:24 Two Israeli air strikes on truck in middle of Baalbek
09:22 Israeli forces agree to evacuation of joint security forces officers and soldiers from Marjeyoun barracks
09:18 Israeli air strike on Ain Bourdai, south of Baalbek, targets petrol station
08:56 UN forces begin to evacuate security forces from Marjeyoun barracks
08:05 UN forces enter Marjeyoun barracks
07:20 Reuters: Israeli ambassador to UN rejects Russian request for 72 hour humanitarian ceasefire
07:10 Two Israeli air strikes on Ras al-Ain in Sour (Tyre)
06:50 Death toll of Israeli air strike on al-Hissa bridge in Akkar rises to 12 killed
06:40 Israeli air strike on Iqlim al-Tuffah
06:32 Four Israeli air strikes on Zahrani bridge
06:25 Israeli air strike on al-Mansouri valley and al-Ma’aliyeh south of Sour (Tyre)
06:18 Nine killed and 11 wounded in Israeli air strikes on al-Hissa bridge in Akkar
06:14 Israeli air strikes on al-Masnaa road on border crossing with Syria
06:10 Israeli air strikes on city center of Sour (Tyre)
06:09 Israeli shelling on Baalbek – Homs road
06:08 Israeli air strike targets bridge in al-Hissa Akkar, resulting in number of people killed and wounded
05:45 Continued fierce Israeli shelling on Southern Suburb of Beirut and edges of al-Shiyah
04:55 Israeli air strikes on Southern Suburb of Beirut
02:58 John Bolton: no agreement yet on resolution and hope to reach agreement on Friday
02:25 Lebanon rejects US-French resolution as it fails to include demand for immediate ceasefire
02:01 Russia demands 72 hour humanitarian ceasefire from UN Security Council
01:45 Russian ambassador to UN: failure in discussions to reach UN resolution on Lebanon
01:25 US ambassador to UN, John Bolton, announced that diplomatic debate ongoing to arrive at final UN resolution on Lebanon, noting that some issues were still unresolved
00:25 Brazilian foreign ministry announces foreign minister Celso Amorim will travel to Lebanon on August 15 to meet with officials and present them with 5.2 tons of medicine
00:20 Italian correspondents in Middle East called for immediate ceasefire between Hezbollah and Israel, to put end to what they called “uncontrolled madness” and “indescribable human suffering”
00:10 International Federation of Human Rights Organizations, NGOs from Mediterranean countries, and Central European Human Rights Network announced sending of emergency mission to Lebanon
00:07 Haaretz: Israeli forces arrest 350 Lebanese in Marjeyoun