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Rosemary Menzies: The Old Bridge (Mostar)

You will not stand
on the Old Bridge again.
The many many times
have gone.

There’s a wire rope now
loose planks and fear
thirty metres into the air
above the green Neretva.

The symbolism is different now –
the meeting of east and west
a drowned thing, blown apart.

This new taut life line
straddles two broken worlds
and cliffs, bricks, clay
all crumble down the sides
into the green Neretva.

Today in the Square
a clown has come –
a bridge of sorts
to make them laugh;

short-lived, and yet a start
where life hangs on any thread
and the spirit refused to die.

Sept 1994

Rosemary Menzies, teacher and writer, Auckland, New Zealand
Title: The Old Bridge (Mostar), Sept 1994
Source: Poems for Bosnia - Pjesme za Bosnu (bilingual), translation from English: Miloš Đurđević
Publisher: Author and Illyria Press, New Zealand, 1995